For Thomas: On the Occasion of our Second Anniversary.



This year has changed our lives.

Last year at this time, just a day before our first anniversary, we found out we were expecting our precious girl and now, as I write this, our three-month old daughter is asleep next to me.

((Oh wait, a pair of tiny, blue eyes just popped open ;)).

The last twelve months have held so many memories and special moments we’ll never forget (not that we want to).

Thank you for being by my side through all of it.

For us, 2013 started off with our highly anticipated, carefully saved for trip to Cancun. I know thousands of people go to Mexico for vacation every year….but I’m convinced our trip was the best. Literally, every time it comes up, I  can’t help but to burst out smiling. I could talk about the memories for hours. If there is such a thing as a completely perfect week, well, I lived it.

I’m not 100% certain what made it so special – maybe that is was the culmination of a year of planning? Maybe that we had the tiny, cherished secret of our daughter? I know part of it was because we both love to travel and explore; finally getting to share that with you was a dream come true. I’ll always remember the nights of card competitions, the evening we spent sitting on the beach in a pouring rainstorm, running up and down all 17 flights of stairs in our hotel, your attempts to communicate in Spanish with the hotel staff, dragging our deck chairs into the shower to make our own sauna, evenings learning Hindi, dressing up for dinner dates, paying $1.00 to ride the bus all over, your patience as I dealt with early pregnancy nausea and fatigue, eating steak as a thunderstorm rolled in over the beach, the ridiculous Elvis impersonator at the hotel, vanilla milkshakes and cappuccinos, sleeping on 1/2 of the king size bed (after a year in a double we weren’t used to that kind of nighttime real estate).

Someday we’ll go back (hopefully) but, until then, thanks for these special memories.

I love being your travel buddy.

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The rest of 2013 can be summed up in one word, Evie (or as you call her, “my little daughter”). Your love for her makes me cry – the way you light up when you see her is only overshadowed by the way she smiles when she sees you.

There really aren’t words to describe how much joy she’s brought into our lives.

The days now are much more chaotic, loud and complicated (going out requires more planning than it ever has) but, it’s all a small price to pay for the increase in laugher, love and sheer joy that fills our home. I never knew how many little milestones there were to celebrate with a baby (or how indescribably fun it would be to share all of that with you). I love watching you cheer on every little accomplishment she has and the determination you have for her first word to be “alligator” (I still think you should have a backup word).

I love being parents with you.

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I think, after two years married and three years together, I’ve finally figured out my favorite thing about you (this year anyway):

You find the same level of joy in playing a game of Scrabble on a Thursday night at our kitchen table as you do when getting on a plane to Mexico.

I think the reason we have so much fun together is because we don’t need the big, extraordinary things to have a great time (which is good because, now that we’ve started having children it’s all about the small things😉. It’s enough right now for us to try a new flavor of ice cream and experiment with painting Christmas trees on rocks – I will forever treasure your kind, joyful spirit. You celebrate my daily, little accomplishments and encourage me in my new role as a mamma. Your determination to find joy and choose contentment in every stage of your life inspires me.

Happy second anniversary, honey. I have no idea how it has only been two years – we’ve crammed a lot in! Thank you for being my best friend, Hindi language partner, primary source of affirmation, lover, fellow Christmas enthusiast, bookstore nerd, enjoyer of the small things, prayer partner and cuddle buddy.

I love when you come home from work and get excited trying to guess what dinner is by the way the kitchen smells, the nights we keep each other awake for an extra hour because we can’t stop laughing about absolutely ridiculous things. I love your determination in figuring out new puzzles and solving electronic problems, the careful way you finish the craft projects you start and  how excited you get over Aldi’s pizza and the mere thought of going out for Indian food. I cherish the way you whisper a prayer over your daughter as you tuck her in at night and the comfort I know I’ll always find in your arms.

I’m so grateful that your first instinct in conflict is to press forward and figure it out (not to give me the cold shoulder the way I, wrongfully, can do to you) – your attitude helps keep such warmth in our marriage. I know (because we’ve told each other at least one hundred times) that the togetherness of our marriage is the thing we treasure most. We’re each other’s secret keepers, comfort and all-around favorite person.

“so close that your hand on my chest is my hand,
so close that your eyes close as I fall asleep”.

I cherish your strength of character and faith.

You help calm my anxiety and tendency to overthink everything by reminding me of the simple reality that “He who promised is faithful”. Things in our two years haven’t been picture perfect. We’ve had our share of expected and unexpected difficulties but both God and you have been constants in my life and, for that, I am deeply grateful.

I love you, Tom Sylvia and I LOVE being your wife (though the role is more familiar now the magic of it still hasn’t worn off).


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2 thoughts on “For Thomas: On the Occasion of our Second Anniversary.

  1. Charissa that was so beautiful. We r blessed to have u as our daughter-in-law. Thomas could not have gotten a more wonderful girl. We wish you both the mosted blessed union and life together as one. Also thank u for our most precious granddaughter Evie. God bless u both Mom & Dad

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